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Gold Package

Gold Package

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As a customer of MBA Trading Academy you get access to great products, live events, special promotions and opportunities to be a part of our awesome community.

Get started now with our Introduction to Cryptocurrency Course including our monthly subscription membership community - School of Sparta. The only place to have access to our community, our experts, products, events and our education.

MBA values all of its community and we want nothing but the best for each and everyone of you. Our commitment is to make it as simple and cost effective as possible to be a part of our life changing community. We know you will love what we do.

Payment & Subscription

  • Payment: $199.95 p/m (AUD)

  • Recurring monthly billing via our independent Billing providers

  • No lock in contract (72 hours notice to cancel)

Package Overview

  • We'll teach you to become an effective trader

  • We'll show you how to find the best entries and exits in the financial market

  • We'll show you correct risk management to ensure the safety of your capital

  • We'll teach you the importance of Trader Psychology & to control emotions

  • We will teach you how to protect your account with proper security

  • We will show you the importance of being able to short the market as well as long the market

  • Private Discord channel with over 100+ traders to help answer questions

  • This is our ongoing membership package that gives you access to all of the education to become an effective trader.