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Platinum Package

Platinum Package

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MBA New Business Owner

As an MBA Trading Academy Business owner, you not only get full access to all of the benefits and features or everything that being a MBA member brings, but you also have an unprecedented opportunity to build your own business and generate wealth while continuing your Trading education and learning.

Not only do we provide you with the tools and resources to Learn & Trade like a Pro, you get the support of our community in the School of Sparta Membership Community, all the tools and resources including hours and hours of education content, tools and tips, BUT you also get full support from experts on using our system to grow your business and produce revenue from our sensational compensation plan.

Payment & Subscription

  • First Payment: $199 (USD)
  • Recurring Payment: $149 p/m (USD)

Package Overview

  • We will teach you how to be an effective trader while learning the importance of risk management when trading on margin
  • We will show you how to find the best entries and exits in the market helping you decide whether to go long or short the market
  • We will give personal feedback on your own Technical Analysis to make sure you are on the right track to be a successful trader
  • We will teach the benefits of proper Mindset and Psychology for trading
  • Technical Analysis Monday with Donny - Bitmex and Live TA
  • Technical Analysis Wednesday with Jason and Michael - Live TA
  • Private Discord channel with over 100+ traders to help answer questions
  • Mindset coaching to help with trading and every day life